Our production equipment


 Trulaser 5030

Offers the most economical solution for highly efficient sheet metal processing,including a wide variety of materials with optimal energy efficiency. Can cut up to 1"th.

Trumatic 3050

Excellent for rapid prototyping. High speed with optimal price- benefit ratios.

Trumpf Laser 3000 Turbo

Like all Trumpf Lasers the one major advantage is the cutting applications in a wide range of materials, with high precision cuts which can be made even in thick sheets of materi

 CNC Punch  

Trumpf TC2020r and TC5000 with SheetMaster

These machine gives you complete confidence for comple­ting small and medium production runs quickly and efficiently. Micro­Joint technology produces punched parts that remain connected to the sheet skeleton by small tabs.


Trumpf Trubend 5320 & 5085

These two excellent machines combine innovative technology with amazing precision. Their best attributes is the outstanding productivity as well,every stage of the process,from programming and tool setup to the actual bending operation,requires minimum time constraints for the operator.

Trumabend C60

For greater productivity and flexibility the Trumabend C60 is one if the best ways to go. Used in folding cells. The Trumabend C60 allows for very acute angle capabilities.


Trubend 7036

High speed acceleration of the beam and backguage make this one of the fastest bending machines in the industry. It is the perfect example of coordinated interaction between operator and machine. Outstanding productivity.

( 2 ) Amada Promecam


Delivers an electric/ hydraulic down-acting system that delivers superior accuracy. This high performance series features a Hybrid Drive System that provides unparalleled performance enhanced by highly simplified setups.


Haeger Pemserter

Our Haeger Pem Insertion equipment allows us to install all types of self clinching fasteners. This allows PMF increased productivity through the use of technology.... Our fastener installation equipment delivers the best competitive edge,no matter how demanding a job.


4 Spot Welding Departments

Services supplied are Mig, Tig, Robotic welding  work Centers


Steelmaster sander ( Timesaver ), has perfected its line of wet operating machines called SMW. A Steelmaster SMW distinguishes itself from its competitors by using state of the art techniques, which make it easy and safe to operate.