Based on know-how

President  Jean Marin

An accredited accountant, with a long list of corporate successes within a large, recognized accounting firm, and very proud of his experience in sheet metal factory production management.


Maintaining awareness of both the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customers, markets, new industry developments are the essence of GMW.


Vice-President Claude Papis

Is a highly motivated owner and Production Manager that understands the need to provide leadership, and to develop and direct employees to achieve scheduled delivery requirements in an efficient manner, and at the same time ensuring that Quality above all must be maintained.

Claude Papis ability in creating, communicating,and implementing the companies VISION,MISSION and overall direction has helped GMW to be in the position they are in today.


One thing Claude excels in is his ability to provide Continuous Improvement ideas and to conduct Continuous Improvement projects.

Human Ressource & accounting  Francine Dagenais

Francine Dagenais came to GMW with years of experience in the HR Department. One of Francine's strengths is to understand what makes an organization function properly. To be able to execute initiatives to keep people together and make the workplace exciting,rewarding and engaging.


At the same time the need to update HR Policies and be astute to handle any issues at the workplace and be able to help employees to overcome any type of situation.

Manpower hiring, payroll etc are of course other responsibilities that Francine is responsible for on a daily basis.